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Outlook Express Tips

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Sort emails by subject, sender, date in your Gmail account

Tired of waiting for Google team to implement sorting feature even though it has been requested countless times all over the web? There is a workaround!

At last, perfect replacement for Outlook Express and Windows Live Mail is available, called OE Classic and works on Windows 7 and Windows 10 - FREE download on oeclassic.com

And it is simpler than you may think - connect to Gmail using IMAP protocol (Outlook Express, Windows Mail and Windows Live Mail, they all support it). All you need to do is to configure new account and instead of POP3 select IMAP account. Also, in Gmail settings (on the web) IMAP must be enabled (this is very important).

IMAP is different from POP3 access in a way that it is bidirectional so you can work with your messages directly on your server instead of downloading them first. But in other aspects it is similar to POP3 - for example as far as downloading messages goes.

After you connect to IMAP folders they will show separately from your main folders (the name of your IMAP account will contain subfolders) so if you're worried about them being mixed with your main folders - it won't happen.

The best use I have for this is to quickly delete spam messages. First I sort them by subject. Quite often they have the same (or similar) subject over and over again so I can quickly delete them. Also they may have same sender name or email address so you can sort by these as well.

I hope this will help someone, I know I've been waiting for sorting on Gmail for way too long.

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