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How to use a free Yahoo Mail in Outlook Express (via POP3 or SMTP)

Yahoo! charges for their email POP3 service but there is also a way to use their free-mail account in Outlook Express without paying for the POP3 service. Here is how.

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Note: This article is dated. Yahoo now allows you to access their POP3 / IMAP / SMTP servers directly so the use of YPOPs! is no longer required. This article will remain here only for archival purposes.

First of all, you'll require is an additional program called YPOPs! or YahooPOPs! YPOPs! is an application that provides POP3 and SMTP access to free Yahoo Mail service.

POP3 and SMTP are protocols used for accessing incoming mails and for sending them to the server. This is what Outlook Express uses. YPOPs works like a gateway - on one end it provides POP3 interface and on the other it communicates with Yahoo mail like an HTTP client (web browser). The same thing works for SMTP as well.

This way YPOPs gives you a possibility to download or send your emails directly from Outlook Express.

Here are the steps how to do that:

1. You need to download and install YPOPs first. Do this from following location:

2. Once you have it running (make sure you have it running) go in Outlook Express and from the main menu select select Tools - Email accounts

3. Now click Add a new email account and click on Next

4. Server type is POP3 - choose that and click Next

5. Your username and Yahoo! email address goes under 'User Information'

6. Yahoo! login id and password goes under 'Logon Information'

7. Incoming mail server - set this value to '' (do not use quotes and make sure you type it exactly as this). This step is critical because this is how Outlook Express will access YPOPs which is installed on your computer locally and acting as a server.

8. Enter '' as the Outgoing mail server as well

9. Now click o­n the More Settings button and select the Advanced tab

10. You need to increase the Server Timeout to 'Long' (which is 5 minutes) to be sure that it will work on slower Internet connections.

11. Now go to the Outgoing Server tab

12. Check the "My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication" checkbox. Select "Log on using" and enter your Yahoo! Mail address as the username and your Yahoo Mail password as the password.

13. Click OK to close the More Settings dialog

14. Finally click Next and then Finish

Now you can try to download emails from your Yahoo! account.

Possible problems

YPOPs may not always work as expected. My own tests indicated it worked better when classic GUI was enabled. To do this, first you have to log in to your Yahoo mail account manually and click on the link "Mail Classic" near the top of Yahoo mail interface. This will switch the interface to classic mode which works better with YPOPs.

YPOPs download


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